84hr session with friends


Scott and I did an 84hr session with a couple of friends, which turned out to be amazing.. We caught 35 carp, 4 over 30, 2 x mirrors, 2 double headers and all totaled to 721.56lbs..

We started off Thursday using strictly WCB bait, in particular 16mm pop ups.. Scott was the first to get a run, which turned out to be a strong fighter and digging deep.. At that point we knew it was a decent carp.. The fish ended up being 20lbs even.. The ice breaker was set.. From then on the carp kept coming.. The second carp on the mat was caught by me, which took my 16mm cherry pop up and screamed off.. I pick up the rod and instantly the carp is 100 yards away.. After a lengthy battle the carp was landed and what a fish, coming in at 35lb 2oz..Throughout the day we caught a mix of 20+ carp.. Every so often someone would get into a pig as they call them.. A good friend of our Martin shattered his personal best, with a fish that not only stripped line of the reel like a monster, but put Martins gear to the test.. The fish stayed deep, diving, trying to get the hook out.. The 360 rig was working perfect and at the end of that crazy fight we weighed it in at 30lbs 4oz..

That was not the end of the crazy amazing trip.. Ian our guest from Ireland and long-time friend of Martin came to Canada looking for our big and powerful carp.. Let me tell you, he found what he was looking for.. I was asleep when this happened but Scott explained the story.. It was past midnight when the alarm started to screen.. Ian picks up the rod and the fight is on in the dark.. Left to right the carp takes 100 yard runs with no chance of stopping it and every 20 yards he reeled in, the fish took 60 yards more. By the end of this pitch dark battle the fish was tired out, netted and weighed in at 31lbs on the nose.. The nice thing was Ian caught the carp on 2 popups in tandem Banana and Chocolate..
The trip couldn’t get better, but Martin landed his first and personal mirror coming in at 15lbs.. I the next day land a beautiful mirror, 22lbs 4oz caught on a 16mm Black Current pop-up..

All carp were caught on every flavour of 16mm pop-ups on 360 rigs, Hair rigs and my secret rig..

All in all it was a great trip and I hope you enjoyed reading our great adventure..