Bucket Lists


For many years I’ve been putting different goals in a bucket list. It seems the older I get, that bucket list has become somewhat a big deal.

On the 25th of April a life time dream and a major Bucket List item was checked off when I captured a Fully Scaled Mirror weighing 41.2 lbs. She hit a World Classic Baits Pineapple boilie that had been on soak for over a year. Truly a dream come true.
When I got home from Dale Hollow Lake it took are least a week to settle down and get back to the norm. But in the back of my mind all I could think about was what is the next task on my Bucket List. Which is a Koi, then after that is a Two Tone.

Two years ago I was on a waiting List for a local tournament in Holland Michingan, called the “Wooden
Shoe”. I was next to be called, but it didn’t happen. Last year I was asked to join David Ash and the local guys in this non-money tournament. The thing I was hoping for was to win one of those Vary Cool Wooden Shoes Trophies.
I arrived around 4pm Friday before the two daytime tournament. I planned on fishing every minute while I was there. Besides eating and vary little sleep that’s  exactly what I did. Mr. Ash guided me to an alnight swim. So both Friday night and Saturday night I bivvi up. I caught so many fish that I had to bring in my rods so I could sleep a little.

First day of the WSCC (Wooden Shoe Carp Classic). I drew a fairly decent peg.
I caught at least a dozen fish.
But get ahold of these fun rules. 1. Only 8 fish can be logged as an entry. You must decide if the fish you just caught should be logged. Mind you, once you log that weight it’s  permanent  2. Out of the 8 fish you catch you can double one fish weight. But once again, you can only double one fish, and it can’t be changed. So I only logged 4 fish.
On the second day I was blanking, until 2 hours before the tournament was over. The last fish screamed the alarm 2 minutes before the end of the second day. Auston Pass was fishing next to me and came to help capture this fish with a net. Everyone around came running when Auston started yelling “It’s a Two Tone. All of a sudden my aggressive action on the rod got a little softer. When this fish was in the cradle I was so proud to be the one who caught it. At the same time I realized that another check mark was entered on my Bucket List.
I’m honored to be a Pro Staff Team member and having such a powerful bait “World Classic Baits.”