“Erni’s Method Mix” is a protein rich groundbait, perfectly formulated making it ideal for Carp, Grass Carp and Match fishing. Available in 1kg and 10kg bags.This ultimate blend of particles, flavors and holding ingredients allows for the perfect binding and will achieve a slow breakdown, resulting in a carpet of chum on the bottom. It will attract carp to the swim immediately and hold them in the area.

“Erni’s Method Mix” is proven in the United States and Canada. It is the longest available groundbait in the US market. This method is also the choice of many Carp Tournament anglers and it is commonly called “Winner’s Mix”.



Available flavors:
4Season, Anise, Banana, Hemp Madness, Pineapple, Scopex, Strawberry, Sweet Corn, Tiger Nut, Tutti Frutti and Vanilla.
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