State/Province and Country: Michigan, United States of America
My personal bests: Common Carp – 34lb. Mirror Carp – 24lb.
My favorite rig styles: Blow Back Rig.
My favorite types of bait: Maize, Boilies, Pop Ups
My favorite flavors: Pineapple/Scopex, 4-season, Pineapple, Anise
More about Me: My fascination with catch and release carp angling began in 2007. Ever since then I have never looked back. The reason why I chose to fish for the common carp is that these adversaries have proved to me that they are the hardest fighting and strongest fish that I have found to catch. Carp angling also has many social aspects to it that I enjoy just as much. I am truly thankful for the friends, memories and experiences I have gained since 2007 while in pursuit of catching monster carp.