State/Province and Country: Illinois, United States of America
My personal bests: Common Carp -46lb, Mirror Carp – 29lb 3oz, Buffalo Carp – 54lb, grass carp 49lb 12oz
My favorite rig styles: d-rig, knotless knot rig
My favorite types of bait: boilies
My favorite flavors: PB Crayfish, Banana, Anise
More about Me: I came to Chicago with more than 15 years of experience in European carp fishing and luckily for me I met carp anglers with the same passion right away. Since the beginning it was fun for me to try and create my own baits: groundbaits and boilies in various flavors. When my baits brought me several winnings in carp fishing tournaments here in United States and Europe, the idea of starting my own carp bait company came up in my head. And that is how World Classic Baits have been created.