Magdalena Ludwinska

State/Province and Country: Illinois, United States of America
My personal bests: Common Carp – 31lb, Mirror Carp – 24lb, Buffalo Carp – 57lb
My favorite rig styles: pop-up rig
My favorite types of bait: white pop-ups boilies
My favorite flavors: Banana, 4Season
More about Me: My carp fishing adventure started about 10 years ago in Lockport, Illinois. It was probably Saturday or Sunday afternoon in spring and as usual I was keeping Ernest company at the bank. After a few hours of his non-stop catching and my “let’s go home” whining, he handed me a carp rod to try. I landed a few nice carp that day and loved it! Back then I was one of the only few girls fishing for carp in United States. Will never forget all these men faces when I caught my PB 57lb buffalo carp in Texas. It was fun!