State/Province and Country: Connecticut, United States of America
My personal bests: Common Carp – 39lb 4oz, Mirror Carp – 42lb 8oz, Grass Carp – 19lb 4oz
My favorite rig styles: Snowman rig, Blowback rig, Paylake rig
My favorite types of bait: Tiger nuts, Pineapple Banana Crayfish Boilies
My favorite flavors: Pineapple, Mulberry and Crayfish
More about Me: I fine-tuned my carping skills fishing the New York City watershed reservoirs in Westchester County NY where I grew up. I can often be found fishing with the original tri-state “boys” Val Grimley, Miguel Angelo, and longtime fishing partner & friend Ed Wagner. I really enjoy pleasure fishing, specimen hunting, and the occasional tournament. Favorite venues include northeast tidal rivers & lakes. Nothing fancy – good baits and simple rigs catch fish! Favorite baits are tiger nuts and the notorious fish catching PB Crayfish boilies…!