State/Province and Country: Indiana, United States of America
My personal bests: Common Carp – 37lb 8oz, Mirror Carp – 32lb 7oz, Buffalo Carp – 43lb 10oz, Grass Carp – 24lb 15oz
My favorite rig styles: Blow Back/ Inline fixed hair rig.
My favorite types of bait: maize, tiger nuts, groundbaits
My favorite flavors: Tiger Nut, Hemp Madness and Banana
More about Me: Pay lake fishing is how I got into carp fishing. 2003 is when I start the euro style carp angling and ventured into the wild side. Also in 2003, I had fished my first carp tournament in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve seen a name on the North American Championship traveling trophy of Max Cottis from the UK. Being an amateur in the euro style and Max being from Europe, I researched him and his performance as a carp angler. In 2004 I returned to this tournament winning my first of 2 North American championships, the second one in 2008.