Boilies Carp Bait - Carp Boilie

Whether you are looking for an assortment of flavors in 1lb bags, or 10lb session bags, we have what you need (available in 4 sizes). All available in proven fish catching flavors, using our special steaming process to lock in flavor for slow release. Highly digestible with the best sourced ingredients.

Our double strength Hookbait Boilies are designed to make you offering “stand” out in your baited area,, drawing the fish to your hook faster. Our pop-ups are high buoyancy/high visibility, and are great for single pop-ups of snowman rigs.

WCB Boilies are fast digesting and ready made, from a high protein base mix using high quality flavors and attractors.  These Boilies are perfect for chumming out, but can even be used as a hookbait. They last in water a long time and have a slow flavor release what gives maximum effectiveness in catching carp.

WCB Hookbait Boilies are available in 8oz jar and contains two sizes, 16mm & 20mm. They are made from high quality ingredients, including grains.  Proven as “Trophy Size” catchers thanks to their double flavor strength. The newest formula makes our Hookbait Boilies even brighter, more visible and better balanced for perfect presentation in the water.

WCB Pop ups have the perfect texture and are hard enough to stay on the hair even when the distance cast is a must. They have a great buoyancy, they look and work very effective over a bed of matching flavors of “Erni’s Method Mix”. 

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