Carp Corn Bait

Carp Corn Bait - The Best Corn Bait for Carp Fishing

Corn is probably one of the oldest & most often used baits for carp. World Classic Baits offers a wide range flavors for our prepared corn, in 2 different sizes, offering standard kernels as well as a larger (hominy size). Both utilize a special infusion process to create concentrated flavors that are proven to pull in carp. Kernels are firm and will stay on the hook well when casting at range.

WCB Flavored Corn it is a classic kernels of corn in strongly flavored soak. Ideal for hair rigging or straight on the hook. Instant carp response guaranteed!

WCB Jumbo Corn is a giant corn with the kernels about the size of a quarter. Yellow kernels infused with flavorful soak are firm and great for far casting. The corn can be rigged in a few different ways including flat or sideways. This Jumbo Corn is a great addition to any carp angler’s arsenal.

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