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Ground Baits For Carp Fishing - Ground Up Fish Bait

When you are looking to establish a carpet of attraction in you swim, method fishing, or straight up pack fishing, these products will get the job done. Whether you are using Erni’s Method mix, Rolled Oats, or Panko, just add you favorite binders (cream corn, molasses, etc.) for an effective product to mold around your feeder or hookbait. These products, along with our Flavored “Active” Pellets, release both visual attraction and scent profiles into you swim, and will keep the fish there, and looking for more!


“Erni’s Method Mix” is protein rich groundbait that is perfectly formulated which makes it ideal for Carp, Grass Carp and Match fishing. This ultimate blend of particles, flavors and holding ingredients allows for the perfect binding and will achieve a slow breakdown resulting in a carpet of chum on the bottom. It will attract carp to the swim immediately and hold them in the area.

“Erni’s Method Mix” is proven in the United States and Canada. It is the longest available groundbait in US market.  This method is also the choice of many Carp Tournament anglers and it is commonly called “Winner’s Mix”.


WCB Oats Pack is a classic pack bait recipe used successfully in paylakes and wild waters carp fishing. Flavored and dyed steam rolled oats.


WCB Flavored Panko Mix is simple to use method mix.  It is ready once mixed with cream style corn and salt. Thanks to whitish bright color and slowly released flavor it’s very effective in quick bringing carp into the swim. Used mostly moulded around a method feeder.  It packs well and slowly breaks down in water creating a nice bed of chum on the bottom.


 WCB Active Pellets are ready to use, fast breakable pellets boosted with Betaine HCL. Perfect for PVA and as additive to groundbaits and particles.

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